La Sala Vinçon was located inside the Vinçon store, and occupied what was at the beginning of the 20th century the studio of the painter Ramón Casas. In 1973, Fernando Amat recovered that space, which he defined from the beginning as a multidisciplinary and non-commercial gallery, where the artistic and cultural manifestations of the moment that were different from the traditional ways of exhibition were presented.

Artists, architects, designers, photographers, both local and international, exhibited their creativity in this space. Among them Alessandro Mendini, Javier Mariscal, Studio Per, Ingo Maurer, Denis Santachiara, Navarro Baldeweg, Julian Schnabel, Ron Arad, Philippe Starck, America Sanchez, Joost Swarte, Toshiyuki Kita, Peret, Maria Espeus, Water Studio and many others.

A total of 320 exhibitions took place in the space in 42 years of activity, with a good rhythm and a good influx of public, reflecting what was culturally happening in the city and beyond.

During these 42 years, several people coordinated this space: Fina Miralles, Pucci Vilurbina, Conxi Sitges, Eva Pomé, Marina Nogueira, Loles Duran, Pia Jardí, Clara Renau, Sandra Amat, Sergio Amat and Fernando Amat.